About Us


Tired of trying to find the perfect clothing, accessory, and home decor store, I came together with the idea and the vision plus the convenience of being able find the perfect outfit for whatever occasion and any knick knack to add to my home.

Living here in the beautiful city of San Leon has been challenging in the aspect of finding the right kind of balance between bay living with city life. Making it hard to bring those two together. With the neighborhood being a small, quaint bay community, big companies are very far and few. But with that comes the fortunate opportunity to enhance this great town with small business start-ups, exactly what this great country was built on. Pink Pelican Boutique is the dream and hopes of someone trying to make our beautiful community even more enticing, one outfit at a time. I look forward to doing this and to see some of the friendly faces of San Leon and our surrounding areas.

Bay living Outfit driven~